Tropical Fado

Ficção | 90 minutos | 2019 | HD | RJ | Cor
Two brothers reunite in Lisbon.

Patchwork Flag

Ficção | 90 minutos | 2018 | HD | RJ | Cor
Morro do Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro, 1977. Neno, Tiana (Kizi Vaz) and Bituca, an outlaw bandit, started a complex love triangle in an unusual situation: as they unroll their relationship, the residents of the poor community were […]


2018 | Drama | 1h 11min
The film is the second part of the trilogy "TRAVEL MOVIES". Writer Greg is hired for a screenplay about the missing artist Maria Guaranis. Identifying himself with the artist, he loses himself in the maze of creation.

Jump into the void

3 min

War of Paraguay

1h 20min | Drama, History | 30 March 2017 (Brazil)
A soldier coming home after the Paraguay War meets a theater group. A shock between war and art.

City of God: 10 years later

Documentary | 1h 10min | 20 October 2014 (USA)
A film documentary about the fate of the young actors of the award winning film City of God by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund. It shows how their lives unfolded after the film's worldwide success.

A French Film

1h 26min | 2014


1h 25min | Drama | 9 September 2011 (Brazil)
Bianca manages a precarious living as a talented but underemployed actress in Rio de Janeiro, performing for private events dressed as female movie icons. Troubled by the thought she has missed her chance at a “big break,” […]

Ivan’s distraction

Short | 17min | 19 May 2010 (France)
Ivan is an 11 year old boy. He lives with his grandmother in the suburbs of Rio. In the midst of his daily jokes and fights with friends, he will grow.


Short, Drama | 11min | 2008 (Brazil)
An unusual meeting between two gauchos on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.


Documentário | 1h 15min | 2008
The Lapa neighbourhood, cradle of Rio's bohemia, as well as bars and nightclubs, has also become a meeting place for rap MCs - a new aspect of the place is investigated by this documentary.

Seven Minutes

7min | Short, Crime | 20 September 2007 (Brazil)
Sequence plan showing an account settlement between two dealers.