Direction:Cavi Borges, Gustavo Melo
Writing:Gustavo Melo
Cast:Rodrigo Da Costa, Luciano Vidigal, Myriam Pérsia, Jonathan Azevedo, Marcello Melo Jr.

Ivan is an 11 year old boy. He lives with his grandmother in the suburbs of Rio.
In the midst of his daily jokes and fights with friends, he will grow.


- Best short film in AMAZONIA FILM FESTIVAL 2009
- Best short at the Festival VISOES PERIFÉRICAS 2009
- Best short at the Cascavel Festival 2009
- Best Soundtrack at CINE PE 2009
- Best Edition: FAM Festival
- Best film by ABDeC at the festival of TRIUNFO 2009
- Best actor at the 2009 CANTA SHORT FESTIVAL
- Best soundtrack Cabo Frio Festival